Knowledge Exchange Guidelines

Knowledge Exchange Guidelines

Organisation: Living with Environmental Change (LWCE) Partnership

Year: 2012                                    

Purpose: Aid the KE process across all activities of the LWCE Partnership


  • Comprises an extensive reservoir of ideas, tips and suggestions on how KE can be most effective
  • Includes a range of further information and real-life illustrative case studies.
  • The Guidelines are divided into the following eight components, each of which represents a key stage in KE: target, design, engage, facilitate, share, impact, sustain, evaluate. 

“The term ‘knowledge exchange’ (KE) refers to the exchange of information, ideas, expertise and people between researchers and research users such as policy-makers, businesses and members of the public. The overall aim of KE is to maximise and accelerate research impact.” (Living with Environmental Change 2012: 1)