How to assess the power of evidence of existing research findings?

Assessing the Strength of Evidence - DFID

Organization: DFID

Year: 2013


  • To understand different types of empirical research evidence
  • To appreciate the principles of high quality evidence
  • To consider how the context of research findings affects the way that staff might use them
  • To understand how to make sense of inconsistent or conflicting evidence


  • Introduction to the appraisal of the quality of individual studies
  • Introduction to the assessment of the strength of bodies of evidence. 

A Compendium of Critical Appraisal Tools for Public Health Practice

Organization: National Collaboration Centre for Methods and Tools, Nursing School, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

Year: 2008 (links revised and updated in 2010)


  • To address the need for critical appraisal of primary research studies and systematic reviews to inform effective public health practice
  • To outline a hierarchy of quality of research evidence that can be used to inform public health policy and program delivery.
  • To provide some tools for conducting critical appraisal


  • Introduction to Evidence-Informed Public Health
  • Critical Appraisal – Is the Evidence Good Enough?
  • Quality Evidence for Public Health Practice
  • Considering the Research
  • Tools: Compendium of Critical Appraisal Tools